Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea-Time Treasures

Hey Everyone!
We've been busy packing and baking all at the same time (headed to Calgary to see the fam, tomorrow).
Last night, we decided to bake instead of packing (surprise, surprise).
When better to try something tedious and difficult than when you clearly have more pressing matters at hand, right? With that in mind, I decided to try my hand at making fondant roses!

Here's the product! They still need some work, but not bad for a first try. What say you?

I call these cupcakes my tea-time treasures! They are English Toffee cakes (ah, memories of London) with peanut butter cream. My sister (who is quite the peanut butter aficionado) likens the butter cream to the inside filling of a Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup!

We made these as Sufro for Beej so we decided to make them really delectable with the roses on some cupcakes and a quilt pattern similar to the Quilt Cake on the others. We think the quilt cupcakes would be perfect for a Christening, Bayat or even a wedding!

Well, I should be off!
Keep checking the blog, though. My aunt in Calgary has the best kitchen known to man (granite countertops, people!) so Calgary is going to be my dream Bake-ation! I will be updating frequently!
Till cowtown!


Shabs.. said...

wooow....What a beauty!!Are u sure u r a first timer, there, for making those cute roses?!...They r too good...Keep going...U r really patient zoyah.
Thx for stopping by my space n for ur lovely comments.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! I am very impressed, are you sure it was your first time making those roses? Have a great vacation, we will miss you at work.

Zoyah said...

Shabs - Thank you so much :)
I loved your space and thanks for your kind words! Keep checking out my blog for updates, I will definitely be checking yours!

Jess - Thank you! I'll miss you guys, too!

Ann said...

yeah,thats true..looks professional..great work Zoyah..keep rockin..

Pravs said...

Those are really good.. you are talented.

Zoyah said...

Thank you Ann and Pravs!