Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mumti Masi's Coconut Lemon Flutterbys!

Greetings from the best kitchen in the world! Man, I love it here in Calgary!
To thank my Mumti Masi for her kind heart and infinite generosity, we decided to bake up a batch of cupcakes dedicated especially to her! Thanks for everything, Mumti Masi!
That's how these light-as-air coconut lemon flutterbys came to be. They consist of a fluffy coconut cake topped with a tangy lemon buttercream (courtesy o' Mehny). I decided, since they are so light, to top them with a butterfly piped with white chocolate (some of it I coloured purple).
Okay, off I go! Today, I'm planning on baking another two batches so I'd better get a move on!
I'm sure I'll post, again, in a few hours!


Shabs.. said...

LOve those cute butterfly's on top....they are really so damn cute!..U really are into baking, eh?...Keep up the good work. U can see the blog WhatsForlunchHoney for beautiful cakes,cookies and others and u can also peep into for more beautiful bakes!They are too good there.

Zoyah said...

Thank you, Shabs! :)
And thank you for the blogs, I am going to check them out now!

Mehnaz said...

hello zoyah..i must say i love yoru blog and ur an amazing baker..i see alot of myself in u..i realized i enjoyed baking once i started living on my own and was more free to experiment in the kitchen..after few failed experiments i perfected in baking..lately after two babiesand workign full time ihavent been able to bake i miss it so much it worked as a stress reliever for me too- and since i havent been able to bake i feel like im losing out on my skills and when ido it now i dotn feel the same enthusiasm anymore. but ur blog made happy and excited to bake again. hope we can swap recipes sometimes..the biggest trouble i have i find is making the right consistancy of icing- smooth enough to pipe it but stiff enough to keep the pretty shapes one can create with icing tip..if u have any good buttercream icing recipe or tip to overcome this id really appreciat eit..thanks love..and keep up the awsome baking:D