Friday, August 28, 2009

A Garden of Cupcakes

Hello, everyone!
Don't you just love those midnight ideas that end up turning into some of your loveliest creations? That's the story behind a cupcake I like to call "Zoyah's Chocolate Orange".
This melt-in-your-mouth cupcake is chocolate with orange rind and juice for a real infusion of orange flavour.
We injected the cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting infused with orange and lemon rind.
For the sake of ease we used the fondant cut-outs and dragees for decoration. I think the colours really sing summer (so fitting for such a beautiful day!).
We are going to take this plate of cupcakes to khane tonight and since we had a couple of the coconut lemon flutterbys left over, we put them in the centre and the plate instantly screamed garden! Love it!
I will blog again soon, folks!
Have a happy, sunny day! :)


Mumti Masi said...

Hi Zoyu,
It is such a pleasure to have you around and you make such delightful treats especially todays Garden Cupcakes were the most yummiest.
Keep Baking!!

Mumti masi

Zoyah said...

Thank you!

teri_burrito said...

Honestly Zoyah, why is everything you do so perfect? These look sooooo good I just want to rip apart my laptop monitor and eat them!

Shabs.. said...

One more thing, do u do baking as a passion, or are u a working as a baker?Cos u really do it soo good yaar...

Zoyah said...

Oh Shabs, what a compliment!

Thank you! I just do this as a hobby! It really is my passion...but a degree in the sciences is more logical, i suppose :)