Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awesome Blossoms!

Hey everyone!

So the fam got yet another Darbari! This one was for Friday (a couple of days ago).

We wanted to go with yellow and white. I always find that yellow and white is such a beautiful colour combination, so soft and cheerful! -- As you can see by the pictures, Awesome Blossoms is a very fitting name for this cake.

Awesome Blossoms is a decadent, triple-layer chocolate cake with a coffee buttercream as one of the fillings and a nutella/coffee buttercream as the other. We got the inspiration for these flavours from Brendan's coffee-toffee crisps in the blog before this one.

We weren't sure about the ribbon at first, but I think the polkadots add the perfect whimsy to this dream of a creation.

Here's a funny story about the transport of this cake. Here we all are in the house, totally jazzed about bringing these cakes to the mosque when we hear a loud boom of thunder outside, followed by a flash of lightning. It was like this the whole ride to the mosque and all I could think was, "well, I guess rain is what the flowers need to grow!" Fitting, eh?

As always, let me know what you think!

Till soon...I'm sure the next post will be holiday-inspired, so stay tuned!


Mehnaz said...

I helped to make those blossoms!

*proudly puffs chest out*

Anonymous said...


Shabs.. said...

wooow....amazing blossoms.....loved the ribbon as yellow....lovely cake, but i wish those blossoms were slightly spaced......what a great work of ar...did u use template for the flowers or used a cookie cutter?

Zoyah said...

Mehnaz, you should be proud! you did a fantastic job :)
And thanks, Anonymous!
Shabs -- I used a flower plunger, and then I made them stand up with a random tool I had in the house <--thanks, for the tool, Mom!

Shabs.. said...

hi zoyah,
just stopped by to say hi! seems like u r quite busy with studies and stuff? updates at all..All fine na...?Salaams to mom.
Take care,

Zoyah said...


Thanks for stopping by! I know, no updates recently...will definitely be getting to that in the next week or so...have my last exam, tomorrow!

Will definitely pass on the greetings to mum..and also, will definitely be stopping by your site, soon! Itching to be updated after so long :)


Kulsum@JourneyKitchen said...

You are super talented girl. That looks awesome!!!!!!!