Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

Whew! Last blog of the day!

This has been a busy month for birthdays. Two of my very close friends recently celebrated theirs, so of course, my gift was baked goodies :)

Pictured first, are Brendan's Coffee Toffee Crisps! They consist of a chocolate coffee cake with nutella coffee frosting, topped with crushed almond and hazelnut toffee bits!

For Kathryn, I made a plain cake with fresh cranberries thrown in the mix. It was a triple-layered concoction with a fudgey chocolate frosting in between each of the layers!

Kathryn is like me: you can't go wrong with something ultra girly. So I decided to go with a design similar to the Darbari cakes in a previous blog and added a lovely heart border on the bottom.

Happy Birthday, you two!
May the year bring lots more goodies!


Shabs.. said...

among ur recent cakes, i think this is the one i like the design....but to eat, that wud be those cup cakes...drooling...wanna be my neighbour?....

Looking good in the profile pic!

Zoyah said...

aww well thank you very much, shabs! ... you live in london, riiiight? then of course I would love to be your neighbour! We could eat cupcakes all the time and then go shopping! :)

Sabera said...

Zohay, your Coffee Toffee Crisps look divine! YUM! When are you going to post more fun pics? (I can see your last post was in November)

Sabera said...

err... sorry for mis-typing your name! I feel bad...

Zoyah said...

Thanks, Sabera!

I just got this comment, now! (clearly, a month and a half late!)

I will definitely be posting some time this week (school has been super busy but I have been baking...just haven't had the time to blog about it!)

Keep checking in! Shouldn't be too much longer :)