Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cake City and Pie Town

I have ventured into Cake City twice in the past (with the Quilt and Polkadot Cakes) and found it not too much to my liking.

I now realize that the frustration that ensued from that positively harrying experience could very well have come from doing too much, too fast!

I decided to venture back into Cake City a couple of days ago since we had planned a barbecue at my cousin, Al's, house. It was a housewarming of sorts since my mum, sister and I visited his place for the first time, today.

Since Al always takes interest in my baking, I thought I would make a cake to bring over there! (Can't ever go anywhere empty-handed when people know I bake!).

I went with a simpler design, since this is only my second cake fully covered with fondant, so cherry blossoms bonanza it was. I found this cake way less stressful since I split the work up over a couple of days. That definitely made for more patience and a better outcome, I think.

I went with Al's favourite flavours for the cake. The top and bottom layers are a chocolate orange and the middle is a coconut cake. Between each of the layers, I spread a deep, dark chocolate orange ganache. For a clean finish, I went with a rope border (covers up any messy edgework...hey, it's still only my second cake!)

Why don't I ever leave well enough alone? Oh yeah, because I'm a baker. This morning (before the barbecue) I decided to whip up a pie! I made it with a cherry filling (my Mumti Masi's favourite) and it ended up hopping right in the van somehow and got taken to the barbecue, too!

Cake and pie for dessert, anyone?

Seriously, best.vacation.ever.


Shabs.. said...

Wow zoyah!!That cake cake looks absolutely stunning!I must admit, it shud have tasted absolutely yummy with the ganache and coconut cake in between. Love the work u did on top,and teh rope one on the sides, I dono how u managed to do that, but thats really great.
Mind putting the recipe in here. Im just feeling tempted to give a try atleast eventhough I can't come anyway close to ur's!!!

Zoyah said...

Hey Shabs!

Sorry for the late reply...school's just started and I'm in the midst of "getting it all together" so to speak.

The coconut cake is just a regular vanilla cake, and I put in 3/4 of a cup of coconut in a half recipe (just as an addition without modifications to the rest of the recipe).

The chocolate-orange cake is just a chocolate cake and I put in about a tablespoon of freshly grated orange zest and substituted the milk with fresh orange juice.

Admittedly, I did not make the ganache (gasp!). It was all my mum. It was totally one of those without measurements moments! I will definitely try to get the measurements down for that and will share as soon as I do :)
Good luck!

Shabs.. said...

Hey zoyah...
Thanks for that reply, But i dont think I will be able to make them without proper measurements:( Nice work anyway sweety...I will sit and drool for the time being:)
Is the one in pic u?....Look so cute, as a child.
BTW, I have a set of awards waiting for u at my place. Grab them.

Aysha said...

Delicious cake Zoyah...u have a lovely blog...

Zoyah said...

Thank you Aysha! and

Shabs, in response to your questions:
yes, that is me :) That picture makes me look so young!